RUAN Xiaoyan

Position: Associate Professor


Education and Appointments:

1981.9-1985.7, B.Sc., Stratigraphy and Paleontology, Wuhan Institute of Geology

1985.9-1990.7, M.Eng.,  Petroleum Geology and Exploration, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)

2003.7-2010.6, Ph. D., Quaternary Geology, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)

Current Research Interest:

1.Biomarkers in the sediments and rocks related to depositional conditions, primary productivities and SST.

2.Calcareous nannofossils biostratigraphy of Cenozoic in the South China Sea.

Research grants:

1.Biomarker analysis of marine sediments in XX key sea area, program funded by Guangzhou Marine Geological Survey, 2019-2021.

2.Paleontology identification, funded by Guangzhou Marine Geological Survey, 2020-2020.

3.Paleontological identification and dating from WC sheet and DF sheet, program funded by Guangzhou Marine Geological Survey, 2019-2020.

4.Microfossils identification in deep sea sediments, program funded by Guangzhou Marine Geological Survey, 2018-2019.

5.Climate and environmental changes in the offshore of the Beibu Gulf since the last glacial: evidence from the marine productivities and the input of terrestrial organic matter, program funded by Guangzhou Marine Geological Survey, 2017-2019.

6.Biomarkers in the surface sediments indicative of the environment changes of the South China Sea, program funded by Guangzhou Marine Geological Survey, 2015-2016.

7.Biomarker analysis of sediments from the Arctic sea, program funded by Second Institute of Oceanography of the State Oceanic Administration, 2015-2016.

Selected Publications (* author for correspondence):


Chao Gao; Yi Yang; Huan Yang; Yige Zhang; Xiaoxia Lü; Hongmei Wang; Xiaoguo Yu*; Xiaoyan Ruan*; Different temperature dependence of marine-derived brGDGT isomers in a sediment core from the Chukchi Sea shelf, Organic Geochemistry, 2021, 152: 104169.


Yi Yang; Xiaoyan Ruan; Chao Gao; Xiaoxia Lü; Huan Yang; Xuejie Li; Yongjian Yao; Ann Pearsond; Shucheng Xie*; Assessing the applicability of the long-chain diol (LDI) temperature proxy in the high-temperature South China Sea, Organic Geochemistry, 2020, 144: 104017.


Yang Yi; Hao Yuxin; Ruan Xiaoyan*; Li Xuejie; Yao Yongjian; Yang Chupeng; Spatial distribution of fatty acids and inferred organisms in surface sediments of different water depths in the South China Sea. Earth Science, 2018, 43(11):4027-4035.


Gao Chao; Yu Xiaogu; Yang Yi; Yang Huan; Lü Xiaoxia; Ruan Xiaoyan*; Characteristics of lipid biomarkers and their response to climate change in column sediments from Berling Sea shelf. Earth Science, 2018, 43(11):4008-4017.


Ruan Xiaoyan*; Luo Genming; Hu Shouzhi;; Molecular records of primary producers and sedimentary environmental conditions of Late Permian rocks in northeast Sichuan, China, Journal of China University of Geosciences, 2008, 19(5): 471–480.