semi-preparative HPLC-MS



    Instrument model: Agilent 1260 semi-preparative HPLC- 6120 MS

   Instrument function: This instrument can be used to separate and enrich pure compounds in the environment, and quantitatively analyze the compounds in the samples.

    Instrument configuration: quaternary pump, degasser, column thermostat, autosampler, ion source (ESI source and APCI source), fraction collector, diode array detector (DAD). The mass spectrometer is a single quadrupole mass spectrometer, which can perform full scan, SIM, etc.


(1)At present, the study of microbial macromolecules in geological environment can only stay at the molecular level, and the study at the atomic level depends on the analysis of their isotopes. The study of carbon and hydrogen isotopes of membrane lipids, including GDGTs of Archaea, will be helpful to reveal the metabolic process and the interaction between different microbial communities in different environments. Due to the complex substrates in the environment, it is necessary to use preparative chromatography to prepare pure compounds to effectively conduct the determination of carbon and hydrogen isotopes of monomers.

(2)Using monomer compounds for 14C dating requires the use of semi-preparation to extract pure single compounds from samples in complex environments.

(3)Separation of compounds in complex matrices, such as IPL and Cl GDGTs.